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PLEASE NOTE: Effective April 13, 2016, Provincial Disability Income and Child Tax Benefits,as an income source are not available for online payday loans. These options are available ONLY at retail Moneymart locations. Please click the store locator button above to find a store in your neighborhood.

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I understand and agree that MONEY MART may collect, use and/or disclose My Personal Information for any or all of the purposes disclosed in the Personal Information Consents and Representations Agreement, and I authorize MONEY MART to access my credit report, and call a phone number provided by me, for those purposes.

Alberta Resident Agreement

We charge $15 per $100 lent.

Payday loans are a form of high-cost credit.

This information meets the requirements of Fair Trading Act.

Payday Loan Business License Number: 326940

British Columbia Resident Agreement

Maximum charges permitted in British Columbia for a payday loan:
17% of the principal
We charge: 17% of the principal

For a $300.00 loan for 14 days:

Total cost of borrowing = $51.00
Annual Percentage Rate = 443.21% per year.

This information meets the requirements of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. License Number: 62477

Nova Scotia Resident Agreement

Payday Loans are High-Cost Loans


$300.00 loan for 14 days

Principal Amount $300.00

Total Cost of Borrowing $66.00

Total To Repay $366.00

Annual Percentage Rate - APR 573.57%

$300.00 loan for 14 days (new borrowers only with promo code)

Principal Amount $300.00

Total Cost of Borrowing $22.00

Total To Repay $322.00

Annual Percentage Rate - APR 191.19%

National Money Mart Company (operating as Money Mart) is licensed as a payday lender by the Province of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Payday Lender License #171440794; licence expires on July 31, 2018.

Ontario Resident Agreement

How much will your loan cost you?
The Maximum Allowable Cost per $100.00 Borrowed:
Our Cost per $100.00 Borrowed:


Your $300.00 loan for 14 days.

Amount Advanced: $300.00
Total Cost of Borrowing: $54.00

Total To Repay: $354.00

This information is required under the Payday Loans Act, 2008

For helpful educational materials approved by the Registrar, Payday Loans Act, 2008, please click here.

Saskatchewan Resident Agreement


Per $100.00 borrowed

Example: $300.00 loan for 14 days


This information conforms to the requirements of The Payday Loans Act.

Fees and Charges:
Loan Fee of 23% of the loan principal, payable on the loan repayment date.
Returned Item Charge of $40.00, for a dishonoured cheque or dishonoured pre-authorized debit. This charge is payable only once per loan, regardless of the number of cheques or pre-authorized debits dishonoured.
Default Interest of 30% per annum will be charged on the outstanding principal balance of the loan until paid in full, if you fail to pay the loan in full on the loan repayment date.

NOTICE: A Payday Loan is a high cost loan.

Payday Loan Disclosure:

Money Mart hereby discloses:

  1. That our cost of borrowing online is $23.00 per $100.00 borrowed (the "Loan Fee").
  2. That upon execution of a payday loan agreement, the Borrower shall provide Money Mart with a pre-authorized debit ("PAD") in the amount of the Loan and total cost of borrowing.
  3. That in the event of default (i) the Borrower shall pay Money Mart a one-time returned item charge of $40.00 for a dishonoured cheque or dishonoured pre-authorized debit; and (ii) interest shall be charged on the outstanding principal balance at the rate of 30% per annum, until paid in full.
  4. Borrower’s Right to Cancel – (i) A Borrower shall have the right to cancel a loan, without reason or cost, at any time before the end of the business day following the date that the payday loan agreement was entered into, if Money Mart is open for business on that day, or until the end of business on the next day that Money Mart is open (“Cancellation Period”). (ii) To cancel a loan, the Borrower must during the “Cancellation Period” either (A) log into their account on the website and click the “Cancel Loan” button, with payment in full of the cancelled loan processed by a PAD, or (B) complete and deliver the Notice of Cancellation in the form set out below to any Money Mart branch in Saskatchewan, together with payment in full of the cancelled loan in cash, certified cheque, money order or by Interac debit. (iii) Upon cancellation and repayment of a loan, Money Mart will provide the Borrower via electronic mail (if the loan is cancelled online) or in paper form (if a Notice of Cancellation is delivered to a Money Mart branch in Saskatchewan) a receipt in the form set out below.


Cancellation & Receipt Forms

Credit Counselling

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