Currency Exchange

Need Currency?
That’s not foreign to us.

Before you travel to a foreign destination, become familiar with the currency used there, its denominations and their relative value to the Canadian Dollar. Arrive at your destination with enough local currency to cover your needs and those of any travelling companions in your care for two days.

Going on holiday? Traveling for business?

Money Mart can help with all your foreign exchange needs at competitive rates, with 26 available currencies* from around the world, including:

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    USD – US Dollar

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    EUR – Euro

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    GPB – British Pound

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    MXN – Mexican Peso

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    INR – Indian Rupee

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    AUD – Australian Dollar

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    PHP – Philippine Peso


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When you purchase US Dollars or Euros, you can take advantage of Money Mart’s Buy Back Guarantee.

For only $4.99, we will guarantee you receive the same rate when you sell back unused funds as you paid when you purchased them.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have more than enough currency for your travels without worrying about losing out if you arrive home with some left over.