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To apply for a payday loan in-store,
you will need the following:

  1. Your last pay stub
  2. Your most up-to-date bank statement
  3. A blank personal cheque. (No cheque? Talk to us, we can still help.)

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*Free $200.00 advance offer valid for the customer's first payday advance or first advance after 12 months. Offer only applies to the loan fees on a $200.00 loan; if a loan exceeds $200.00, Money Mart's applicable fees for the portion of the loan in excess of $200.00 will apply. Offer available in stores only at participating Money Mart locations and online only to residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Offer is not available in Manitoba. Offer is non-transferrable. Offer valid for a limited time only and may be discontinued by Money Mart at any time. Not valid with any other offers. Limit one offer/certificate per customer during the promotional period. No cash value. No substitutions. To receive this offer in stores, customers must repay their advance in cash on or before their advance due date; otherwise interest will accrue from the date the loan was originated. Check with a CSR upon applying for your loan. To receive this offer online, you must enter the promotional code on the online application in the promotional code field. Your discount will be automatically calculated and available for review before finalizing your loan application. To qualify for a payday loan, minimum net pay requirements will apply and may vary by province. Other conditions may also apply. Ask a Money Mart Customer Service Representative for details. [Alberta residents: The APR on a $300.00 loan for 14 days is 599.64% on a rate of $23.00 per $100.00 borrowed.] [British Columbia residents: The APR on a $300.00 loan originated at a Money Mart branch for 14 days in BC is 521.17% at Money Mart 's cash repayment rate of $19.99 per $100.00 borrowed, and 599.64% at the regular rate of $23.00 per $100.00 borrowed. The APR on a $300 loan originated online for 14 days is 521.17% at the rate of $19.99 per $100 borrowed for loans funded to the Money Mart ATM card, and 599.64% at a rate of $23 per $100 borrowed for loans funded in store or to your chequing account. Money Mart branch BC Payday Licence #49839. Online BC Payday Licence #62477.] [Manitoba residents: The APR on a $300.00 loan for 12 days is 517.08% on a rate of $17.00 per $100.00 borrowed. To learn more about your rights as a payday loan borrower, contact the Consumer Protection Office at 945-3800, 1-800-782-0067 or at www.manitoba.ca/cca/cpo.] [New Brunswick residents: The APR on a $300.00 loan for 14 days is 547.50% on a rate of $21.00 per $100.00 borrowed.] [Saskatchewan residents: The APR on a $300.00 loan for 14 days is 599.64% on a rate of $23.00 per $100.00 borrowed.] [Ontario residents: The cost of borrowing at Money Mart is $21.00 per $100.00 per each $100.00 advanced. On a $300.00 loan for 14 days, the cost of borrowing is $63.00, with a total payback amount of $363.00. The maximum allowable cost of borrowing under payday loan agreements is $21.00 per each $100.00 advanced.]

In Nova Scotia the total cost of borrowing $100 for 14 days is $22.00. Payday Loans are High Cost Loans.